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Michigan Fall 2018 Auditions Results

November 3, 2018 NATS Michigan Student Auditions Results
Category Place Student Teacher
Children 1 Izabella Atanaskovski Noelle Jacquez
Youth and Youth Musical Theatre 2 Alexandra Czata Noelle Jacquez
1 Hannah Eckel Linda Venable-Boehk
Lower HS Musical Theatre Men and Women 3 Ava Hayes Jessica Fielder
2 Isabel Micy Sally Mikat [mee-cat]
1 Christina Jarrad Carol Perry
Lower HS Musical Theater Men and Women  3 Jacob Turner Sally Mikat
2 Lillian Groth Sloane Artis
1 Gianna Spinelli Sally Mikat
Upper High School Musical Theater Men and Women tie 2 Carly Scruggs Sally Mikat
tie 2 Ella Manning Monica Swartout-Bebow
1 Errol Service  Carol Perry
3-1 High School Women 3 Cora-Melin Mikat [mee-cat] Sally Mikat [mee-cat]
2 Elizabeth Kim Mee-Ae Nam
1 Kylie Buckham Corlyn Longer-Schreck
3-2 High School Women tie 3 Adriana Agosta Carol Perry
tie 3 Courtney Langan Jessica Fielder
2 Margaret Smith Sally Mikat
1 Christina Jarad Carol Perry
4 High School Men 3 Eric Waters David Hook
2 Brandon Everett Drake Dantzler
1 Eddie Ferran David Hook
7-A Lower College Women first year  3 Zoe Zdrojewski [zdruh-jew-ski] Rob Peavler
2 Cassidie Singelyn Alta Boover
1 Angela Bonello Alta Boover
7-B Lower College Women 3 Lindsay Nichols Rhea [ree-ah] Olivacce
tie 1 Victoria Spring Jung Woo Kim
tie 1 Jessica Parker Ken Prewitt
8-A Lower College Classical Men first year 3 Carson Arcuri Drake Dantzler
2 Ashton Watkins Karen Kness
1 Joshua Danielson Rob Peavler
8-B Lower College Classical Men second year 3 Dewey Bolz Ken Prewitt
2 Caleb Wayman Drake Dantzler
1 Shanyu Li Louise Toppin
9 Upper College Music Theater Women 2 Alivia Combs Liz Belluni
1 Indigo Dudley Liz Belluni
11-A Upper College and Independent Studio Women Third Year 3 Caitlin Borke Ken Prewitt
2 Grace VanHoven Rhea [ree-ah] Olicvacce 
1 Gillian Tackett Alta Boover
11-B Upper College & Independent Studio Women 3 Sarabeth Brown Ken Prewitt
2 Hayley Girard Karen Kness
1 Kristine Overman Louise Toppin
12 Upper College & Independent Studio Men 3 Isaac James Karen Kness
2 Andrew Forsythe John-Paul White
1 Travis Williams Karen Kness
Adult Women & Men 1 Karen Cook Monica Swartout-Bebow
13 Advanced College & Independent Studio Women 2 Kelsey Tate Mee-Ae Nam
1 Samantha Williams Louise Toppin
14 Advanced College  & Independent Studio Men 3 Johnathon Spell Louise Toppin
2 Dorian Dillard Louise Toppin
1 Samuel Macy Ken Prewitt
CCM Women & Men  hon mention Veronica Conlin Linda Venable-Boehk


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