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COVID-19 Resources

NATS has been providing really outstanding leadership at the National Level this past week.  If you're not on social media, please know that most of the communications are being distributed that way, through  Facebook Some examples:  They have in short order released the following special edition NATS Chat videos:  Calming the Corona Virus Crisis and Taking Your Teaching Online Moving Voice Pedagogy Classes Online during Covid-19 Teaching Lyric Diction Online During Covid-19 NATS You Tube Channel can be found  here  for further video topics In addition, members are doing an outstanding job sharing resources such as: Digital Voice Pedagogy Resources Setting up Zoom for Voice lessons I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I wanted to take a moment to reach out to be sure that you're aware of these resources and to encourage us to connect in any way we can.  I will make an effort to share any livestream concerts on the  NATS Michigan Like Page  (for us, st