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Announcing NATS Michigan Fall 2019 Student Auditions

Many thanks to Dr. Jung Woo Kim and our colleagues at Hope College for offering to host our Fall 2019 Michigan Student Auditions.  We'll enjoy convening there on Saturday November 2, 2019. Registration will open after Labor Day this fall.  An email with further detail will be sent to all members of our NATS Michigan Chapter at the end of August.

Great Lakes Regional Student Audition Results

NATS Chat this Sunday

Sunday, March 10 is our next NATS Chat with  Ian Howell  at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST! The interactive NATS Chats allow you to ask questions of the guest in real-time! Pl ease join us! Topic: “The Special Psychoacoustics of the Singing Voice” Singing is, at its core, and aural art form. Like our other senses, our sense of hearing limits and colors our experience of reality. Yet much of the material we use to explain how the singing voice behaves acoustically relies on computer measurements. These measurements tell us something true about the sound wave in the air, but miss qualitative aspects of timbre dependably imparted by the ear. By coming to understand the way the ear behaves, we can ask how one might possibly perceive a singing voice. This is another way of asking what sounds the human voice is capable of making. NATS Chats are generously sponsored by Inside View Press! You do NOT need to be a NATS member to join the webinar. "Virtual" seating is limited so register at