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Fall 2019 Results (Hope College)

3B Mariella Piazza Liebst du um Schönheit Perry
7B Cassidie Singelyn The Year's at the spring Boover
8B Joshua Danielson The Apple Orchard Peavler
11A Lindsay Nichols Ah Love but a day Olivacce
11B Grace Van Hoven Grace Van Hoven Olivacce
1st Zoe Straley Noelle Jacquez
2nd Chiara Martella Jessica Fielder
2nd Madison McKeown Sally Mikat
1st Ellen Wallenfang Jessica Fielder
2nd RayMond Fields Rachel Andrews
3rd Bianca Thorn Rachel Andrews
1a Lower High School Music Theate Treble Voice
1st Christina Jarad Carol Perry
2nd Isabel Mincy  Sally Mikat
3rd Ashley Elliott-Rowe Liz Gray  Interlochen Arts Academy
1b Upper High School Music Theater Treble (2)
1st Hannah Bank Liz Gray
2nd Isabel Chilian Liz Gray
3rd Liana Tarnopol Jessica Fielder
1b Upper High School Music Theatre Treble (1)
1st Kathleen Young Sally Mikat
2nd Gianna Spinelli Sally Mikat
3rd Zsana Hoskins Charsie Randolph-Sawyer
2 High School Musical Theater TBB
1st Sean Hodges Liz Gray
2nd James Langlas Liz Gray
3rd Daniel Rosales Liz Gray 
3B Upper High School Classical
1st Marella Piazza Carol Perry
2nd Riley Flatter Alta Boover
3rd Alice Boesky David Hook
4B Upper High School Classical TBB
1st  Eric Waters David Hook
2nd Josh Moore Erin Whitfield
5 & 6 Lower Music Theater 
1st  Seth Bearden  Liz Gray Saginaw Valley State University
2nd Ny Kieria Blocker-Brown Jonathan Ten Brink Lansing Community College
3rd Halie Kellet Liz Gray Saginaw Valley State University
7A First Year Classical Treble Voice (1)
1st Audrey Bergey Kevin Simons Saginaw Valley State University
1st Caitlin Palomaki Robert Engelhart Northern Michigan University
3rd Emily Dykehouse Linda Dykstra Hope College
7A First Year Classical Treble  (2)
1st Emily Hoekstra Karen Kness WMU
1st Brianna Lambrecht Emily Douglass Spring Arbor University
3rd Hannah Elandt Karen Kness WMU
7 B  Second Year Classical Treble (1)
1st Cassidie Singelyn Alta Boover Oakland University
2nd Angela Bonello Alta Boover Oakland University
3rd  Helen Delphia Kenneth Prewitt Western Michigan University
7B  Second Year Classical Treble (2)
1st Kayla Rose Rhea Olivacce Western Michigan University
1st Brooke Leinbaugh Karen Kness Western Michigan University
3rd Abagail Solomon Rhea Olivacce Western Michigan University
8A First Year Classical TBB
1st Thomas Larner Robert Peavler EMU
2nd Mason Gratton Kenneth Prewitt WMU
3rd Seth Miller John-Paul White Oakland University
8B Second Year Classical TBB (2)
1st Kevin Cornwell John Paul White Oakland University
2nd  Eric Mackall Rebecca Patterson Northern Michiga University
2nd Joshua Danielson Robert Peavler Eastern Michigan University
9 &10 Upper Music Theatre
1st Kortney Manchip Rebecca Patterson Northern Michigan University
2nd  Audree Stephens Rebecca Patterson Northern Michigan University
3rd Olivia Barnacio  Robert Peavler Eastern Michigan University
11A Third Year Classical Treble
1st Jessica Parker Kenneth Prewitt WMU
2nd  Lindsay Nichols Rhea Olivacce WMU
3rd Ashley Baylor Jonathan Lasch Wayne State University 
11B 4th/5th Year Classical Treble
1st Grace Van Hoven Rhea Olivacce Western Michigan University 
2nd Gillian Tackett Alta Boover Oakland University
3rd Katie Short  Karen Kness Western Michigan University 
3rd Ikpemesi Ogundare Maureen Balke Albion College
3rd Margaret Mooney  Karen Kness Western Michigan University 
12 Upper Classical TBB 
1st Travis Williams Karen Knessq WMU
2nd Joshua Vreeland Ken Prewitt WMU
3rd Nicholas Nastally Drake Dantzler Oakland University
13/14 Advanced Clasical 
1st Daniela Pena Kenneth Prewitt Western Michigan University
2nd Samuel Macy Kenneth Prewitt Western Michigan University
3rd Katie Fassone Michelle Austin Saginaw Valley State University


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