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Announcing the FULLY ONLINE 2020 Fall Student Auditions (Deadline Nov. 4, 2020)

 Your NATS Michigan Board is thrilled to announce that this year's Fall Student Auditions are moving forward as a fully online event.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us and our students to showcase the work we've done in our new teaching & learning environments.  We have worked to make the categories as diverse and inclusive as possible.  After the successful addition of Youth and Adult Categories last year, we have now added two more new categories for CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) singers! This year we will also invite students to enter in more than one category, and have lowered the fee structure both for teachers, and for students entering multiple categories.

Online auditions will be conducted just like live auditions, judging assignments will be made accessible on the AuditionWare site. Judges will review, critique, score and complete comment sheets for each singer in their assigned category. These will be submitted through the AuditionWare site. Winners will be announced with certificates and checks being mailed to the teacher.

In this letter you will find a timeline, updated fee structure, information on registering, on recording & submitting YouTube videos as well as pianist/accompaniment information. Please read this information closely, National has decided that we may use pre-recorded piano tracks-- that decision is detailed below.

On our registration site, you will find a link to repertoire guidelines for each category, which I've also attached to this email.

Thank you, as always, for your membership.  As you know, we are all volunteers at the State level, and we appreciate your participation.

I know we all look forward to hearing and adjudicating one another's students this November.

I will be in touch with further information about adjudication, in the meanwhile please be sure to update your adjudication preferences in AuditionWare so that we can match you as closely as possible with those students who would best suit your expertise.

If you have any questions that aren't answered in the letter sent to the membership, please be in touch and I'm happy to help!

Alta Boover, District Governor & Auditions Coordinator



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